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Fernandus Vinson, LCMHC, EMDR

Counselor & Founder

The Beginning

In middle and high school, so many of my peers would come to me to share what was going on in their lives. After listening, I would provide insight regarding their next steps. This trend continued when I attended N.C. State University and into my professional football career with the Cincinnati Bengals. If I had known then what I know now, I would have known God was calling me to become a counselor.

The Journey

This journey began in 2002 when I worked at a residential treatment facility for teenage youth. That experience taught me the importance of listening to someone without telling them what they should do.

After working at that facility for five years, I yearned for something more. After three consecutive days of taking three young men to see a therapist, I was told, "Mr. Vinson, I would rather talk to you because those people do not care about me." Those words led me to complete my bachelor's degree in social work from Methodist University. That was followed by completing my master's degree in professional counseling from Liberty University. And now, I am in my second year of completing my Ph.D. in counseling and psychological studies with an emphasis in Biblical Counseling from Regent university.

My Training

Before beginning my bachelor's degree, I was a personal trainer for 15 years. During those times, I cannot recall how many times my clients told me about their life issues and concerns. These issues included relationships, grief, and what I now know to be anxiety and depression, and the effects of trauma. I often would ask myself, what am I supposed to do with this? Little did I know I was being trained to become a counselor.

My New Journey

I love to walk alongside others on their journey. I use a person's life as a guide to addressing their issues/concerns. I STRONGLY believe in people and the POWER they have to effect positive change in their life. I greatly enjoy it when a person comes out the other side of their pain and struggle. I am intent on helping people to tap into themselves to restore or create a healthy balance in their lives

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